Spiritual E.R.

In the second chapter of Mark we find the story of a young man who gets let down through a roof to get to Jesus.

The word got around that Jesus was in town. When the presence of the Lord is near, the word gets around and those in need of comfort, forgiveness, healing, encouragement find their way to Him.

I have often seen this in a spiritually growing church. It begins as a trickle and then a flood of folks looking for an answer. Some find an answer, healing for their bodies, comfort in their sorrow, forgiveness of their sin and more, deliverance, the healing of the wounds of a lifetime. This can get a bit messy, like a hospital Emergency Room. In fact, in this story there are so many people there to see Jesus that the one who needed Him most couldn’t get close.

BUT, then we have another back story here….the one who needed it most had friends. They could have been relatives, but the Bible says, ‘their faith’ was seen and is evidenced by their persistent and innovative access to Jesus.

Do we persist in prayer for an answer? Do we seek the only one who can redeem our life from the pit; the pit of despair or debt or sin or ill health? Are we willing to go to the extra effort to be in His presence, to ask what we want of Him and show Him our faith?

Jesus not only healed the young man of his palsy, but forgave his sin. Others thought it blasphemous to forgive the young man’s sin! As for Jesus, He does it all!

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