Rain Rain Rain

Can you believe it?  It’s raining in Florida in the autumn, just like it did 2 days ago in the summer.  I happen to love the rain.  I don’t like the humidity, but the rain is good!  God can water my flowers in about 2 minutes, better than I can in 20 with a hose.  He gets it all at once.

Rain has a comforting sound, nothing like a nap in the rain.  I don’t even mind thunder and lightning, since I have enough sense to stay inside to ‘listen’. Outside in a thunder storm in Florida is foolish and has been deadly for more than a few folk in Polk County over the years.

Then there is another ‘RAIN’ for which I watch and pray and ‘listen’…it is the ‘rain’ of the spirit of God coming down in the presence of His people.  I cannot ‘listen’ to the rain without thinking about this.  I hear in my mind a favorite song of mine…Mighty Wind by Andrae Crouch…it stirs the longing of my heart for more of Jesus and His presence.  When the ‘rain’ comes down heavy, the rivers will overflow and a flood happens.

When a flood happens it can be good and it can horrendously bad. I’m thinking about the good that comes with the overflow of healthy clear spiritual water, that washes our souls clean of the sin, the world and all that keeps us from retaining and maintaining our relationship with our Savior.

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