Carol’s Memorial Service

This poem is dedicated to Carol Lee Brown Guinn.  Several people asked for it after the service, so I will post it for them.

Oh dear friend…
your pain is gone, but so are you….
it won’t be long, we’ll see each other,
never to part for eternity…
time flies like dust in the breeze in this place…
joining you and those who have gone before will be wonderful
soon seeing our SAVIOR’s face…
you beat me there…
friend and prayer partner,
confidant and sister in the Lord,
…tea and sherbet…
…cats and dogs…
…fans and horses…
…beads and purses…
a month has come and gone
thanking God for your peace
missing your calls…

I wrote this poem for Carol and for me.  She was brave and very kind.  She was as close as my sister.  We talked everyday, unless she was out of town.  Carol was confident in her faith in Christ.

One of the young women who came to visit her in the hospital the last time, was a friend from her work.  She told Carol how much she meant to her and those at her job. Carol was the ‘mother’, the spiritual mother and strength for many of her co-workers.

The nurses were amazed and the doctors also, and pretty much anyone who knew her.  She was diagnosed in 2004 and has remained the comeback girl for all these years.  She has fought a good fight and grew spiritually by leaps and bounds in her suffering.  She said more than once, that her suffering was beneficial for her spiritual growth and the influence of God’s anointing on her life was definitely more than beneficial to all who knew her.  She had the strength of the Lord on her side.  There were days when she would tell me how tired she was.  In the end, she really didn’t want any visitors because she was so weary.  Near the end we did share tears occasionally, just because the end of this friendship was coming to a close in the natural world.  She would miss participating God’s plan for the future of those she loved, but then tears of joy would show up as we both realized that the future was so much brighter for her now.

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One Response to Carol’s Memorial Service

  1. Susan Koning says:

    So very touching..thanks for sharing

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