A friend’s Memorial

Today many of our friends will come to say goodbye to Carol.  She is quite happy where she is.  After almost 9 years of fighting ovarian cancer, she got tired, went to sleep and woke up in the presence of the Lord.

Carol was not a real ‘demonstrative’ person, although she never turned down a hug or a prayer.  She was quiet and thoughtful, kind to those who needed kindness and tough on those who thought they might be getting away with something. Carol had lived enough life that she knew what was acceptable behavior in every situation.  Carol was well educated, but not superior in it.  She didn’t want a eulogy at the memorial service, so a bunch of us (27 friends) got together and had a Carol eulogy at Studio B Wine Bar in downtown Lakeland, on a Monday night and had our ‘say’ about Carol’s definite positive influence on our lives.

Carol was my prayer partner and she often felt that little nagging insecurity that she might not be doing what she could for Jesus.  I never doubted it and would encourage her to continue, just the way she was. She rarely complained and went in to work as often and as much as her body could stand, up until about 3 days before she went into the hospital the last time. Amazing woman of God. She would often ‘poke’ me if I was not quite measuring up.  (Only true friends in the Lord can get away with that.)  I have ‘do-itis’, never quite knowing when to say to someone, “I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to do that for you.”

There will be no phone call from her this morning, it’s Saturday, but there won’t be one….I will miss our morning gab and prayer…

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One Response to A friend’s Memorial

  1. Candy says:

    “Only true friends in The Lord can ‘poke’ and get away with that.” Oh yes, am finding that out the hard way. Beautifully written post about Carol…your sister in Christ. It was a lovely service. She is missed.

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